MIQUEL Y GARRIGA is a Spanish company, founded in 1927 and focused on the formulation, production and marketing of medicaments and food supplements based on medicinal plants. We produce all these specialities in liquid form. Our company also provides high quality services, based on our wide experience in the pharmaceutical field.

We produce medicaments and supplements, according to our customers’ instructions. We are a reliable thrid party manufacturer. Our well trained staff as well as our premises are at the customer’s disposal to manufacture your products with your own brand. We understand the importance and responsibility irrevocably linked to a product launch. We will also carry out the QC of raw materials and final products as per your requests. We can be your partner for manufacturing your produts, as we are already doing with several major companies. This cooperation may be established on a longterm or on a punctual basis, depending on your needs. We invite you to work with us, you will be satisfied with our sevrice. We look forward to hearing from you.

business model

Our wide range of services includes: contract manufacturing, private label production, R&D services and batch release. We are ready to allocate all our resources to help you lay each and every brick in the process of building your business model.


We consider our customers as actual partners. For this we search to establish a long term relation ship with you. And we know well that the only way to manage this taget is the EXCELLENCE.